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Les tunnels

Tunnel Prado Carénage

The 2.5km long Prado Carénage Tunnel allows you to cross the city of Marseilles easily and quickly without leaving the motorway.

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Rège tunnel

The SMTPC (the Société Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carénage), in agreement with the Marseilles Provence Métropole uban community, has built a free underground passage, the Louis-Rège tunnel, which connects Avenue du Prado to the neighbouring junction of the Prado-Carénage tunnel's Eastern Motorway, facilitating traffic flow between the tunnel and the city's Southern districts.

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Driving in the tunnels

Which vehicles are allowed to use the tunnel and which FM frequencies are available?

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What should I do in the event of an accident?

Steps to follow if an accident occurs in the tunnel.

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Reinforced Safety

Motorists wishing to cross the centre of Marseilles quickly in comfort and safety : no pedestrians, lorries, red lights or junctions, can do so by using the Prado Carénage and city centre tunnels.

Ever since the tunnel's conception, safety has been one of the major concerns of the builder-engineers and the SMTPC.

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Mobilised teams

Since the tunnel is open 24/7, safety, traffic surveillance and toll teams ensure a permanent presence on the site.


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