Mobilised teams

24 hour customer service teams

Since the tunnel is open 24/7, safety, traffic surveillance and toll teams ensure a permanent presence on the site.
There are always at least 5 members of staff in service in the tunnel, including at night : 2 security personnel (the CP operator and a security agent ready to provide aid in the tunnel) and 3 toll staff members.







In addition to this permanent presence, services such as maintenance ensure 100% independent management of the site. They have the necessary skills to install and maintain all the tunnel equipment (Prado Carénage & Rège tunnels).





Operations building

The various SMTPC departments are based in the operations building situated on the Prado side near the toll stations.

The technical department carries out traffic surveillance, taking care of motorists' safety, upkeep and equipment maintenance.

The commercial department is in charge of the running of the toll stations. They attend customers wishing to purchase an electronic tunnel pass.
The other departments: marketing, IT and administration are also situated in the same building.