The Rège Tunnel is a free access point which passes beneath the 26th Centenary Park and connects the Prado / Rouet districts to those of Menpenti / la Capelette.

It allows motorists to rejoin the Avenue du Prado (at the Boulevard Périer and Allées Turcat Méry) and the Prado Carénage Tunnel directly.

The Société Marseillaise du Tunnel Prado Carénage, concessionaire of the Rège tunnel.


As per an amendment to the concession contract dated the 26th of August 2005, signed with the Marseille Province Métropole Urban Community, the SMTPC agreed to build a direct access way between Avenue du Prado (opposite Boulevard Périer) and the toll access to the Prado Carénage tunnel in a period of 24 months.
The total investment came to 15 million Euros.

The SMTPC's interest in this operation was the improvement of the service to the city's Southern districts and the consequential bringing of additional traffic to the Prado Carénage tunnel.

The SMTPC will be responsible for the running of the Rège tunnel until 2025.