Technical details

Most of the technical aspects present in the Prado Carénage Tunnel can also be found in the Rège tunnel. This equipment is found here to a lesser degree due to the shorter length of the tunnel.

The speed limit is 50km/h and there is no pedestrian access allowed.

Two-way traffic

Motorists meet oncoming traffic in the tunnel and overtaking is not allowed.

Security recesses

At the tunnel entrance (Périer side), 2 security recesses are located at the garages (one on each side). 2 other recesses can be found inside, one in the centre at the escape stairway, and one at the other entrance (Scott side). These recesses also have fire extinguishers and an emergency telephone linked to the command post.





Escape stairway

An escape stairway can also be found at the centre of the tunnel and enables the evacuation of motorists to the surface in the event of a major fire. This stairway also has extinguishers and an emergency telephone.


The Rège tunnel does not have a ventilation system. Due to its length it does not require ventilation to suck air in and evacuate exhaust fumes or smoke in the event of a fire.

Instruments to measure pollution
Once again the same equipment used in the Prado Carénage Tunnel can be found on a smaller scale. There is a measurement area in the centre of the tunnel which records information such as the carbon monoxide levels in the tunnel or the air clearness or speed.
Carbon monoxide Opacimètre Anemometer


Surveillance cameras

The Rège Tunnel has 10 cameras which film the tunnel in real time, 24/7. They are distributed all along its length and continuously send images to the CP operator.

They work like those of the Prado Carénage Tunnel and allow the CP operator to analyse the status of the traffic in real time.







Digital message boards

A digital message board can be found at the entrance to the Rège Tunnel on the side of the Allées Turcat-Méry. It can give directions and announce the open/closed status of the Prado Carénage Tunnel, or take over in the event of an accident.




Control of oversized vehicles

The Rège Tunnel allows access to the same types of vehicle as the Prado Carénage Tunnel. These vehicles must not be more than 3.2m high or weigh more than 3.5t. The devices in place to control and impede the entry of oversized vehicles are the same as in the Prado Carénage Tunnel. First there is a detection device which warns the operator that a vehicle exceeding the authorised limits is about to enter the tunnel.

A diversion sign pointing towards an exit indicates the direction the driver should take and a warning panel is designed to stop oversized vehicles from entering the tunnel.