Reinforced Safety

The Command Post operator


He/she surveys the tunnel constantly on video screens linked to the cameras. He/she keeps a constant eye on what is going on in the tunnel. He/she can see both the tunnel entrance and the interior and sees events in real time.
At the first sign of anything unusual, he/she reacts instantly by taking the appropriate action : he/she can neutralise one lane of traffic, send a patrol person on motorbike or a recovery vehicle, and in serious cases call the CRS and the Marseilles Marine Fire Battalion who will then take over the emergency operation.




Automatic incident detection (AID)


This system, based on the handling of video images, is designed to automatically detect any traffic abnormality in the tunnel and immediately alert the CP operator.
The 60 cameras distributed along the tunnel and around its access points send images to a computer which constantly compares them with reference images.
Any difference is immediately detected by the AID system and an audible and visible alarm alerts the CP operator to the situation. The camera image in which the incident has been detected is shown on the main screen which allows the operator to take the appropriate action in real time and to monitor the situation as it develops.



Centralised technical management

The devices which the CP operator is able to operate remotely allow him/her to control all safety-related equipment such as digital signs, lighting, ventilation, smoke extraction, etc. Each device activated may lead to one or more complementary actions in order to act as quickly as possible and in the most appropriate way in the event of an accident. The goal is to control several pieces of equipment by performing a single action.