Welcome to Marseilles, France's second largest city with 800 000 inhabitants.

Founded 2.600 years ago, Marseilles, at the doors of Provence region, is the capital of the South.









The Prado Carénage Tunnel, the toll road tunnel in the centre of Marseilles.

The 2.5 km long Prado Carénage Tunnel allows you to cross the city of Marseilles easily and quickly without leaving the motorway.


From the North of Marseilles, the A55 motorway (coming from Aix, Montpellier…) or the city centre, the Prado Carénage Tunnel allows easy access to the town's southern districts:

  • The Vélodrome Stadium
  • Prado Beach
  • The 26th Centenary Park

From the south of Marseilles, the A50 motorway (coming from Aubagne, Toulon...) or the city centre, the Prado Carenage Tunnel allows easy access to:

  • The Vieux Port
  • Euro-Mediterranean – The Docks - The Ports